Eberron Cliff Notes

Eberron In A Nutshell

Think magic meets 1920s America and you’ve got the basic idea. There are magic trains (lightning rail), magic telephones, and magic airships. Magic plays a huge part in everyday life, even for commoners.

There are four major continents in Eberron.

  • Khorvaire: This is the “main” continent, and the most heavily populated and explored. Most of the continent is civilized farmlands or cities. The main power groups are the Five Nations and the Dragonmarked Houses.
  • Argonessen: This continent is populated by dragons, who are hostile and attack all visitors. But there is rumor of great treasures and magic here.
  • Sarlona: This continent is ruled by a mysterious race called The Inspired. Not much is known about them. They resemble humans with glowing white eyes.
  • Xen’Drik: This continent was ruled over 40,000 years ago by a race of giants. After their civilization crumbled, the continent was taken over by jungle. Today, explorers venture into the ruins of the giant civilization looking for treasure and lost secrets.
Dragonmarked Houses
  • House Cannith: Guild of artificers. Humans. Created the Warforged.
  • House Deneith: Guild of fighters. Humans.
  • House Ghallanda: Guild of innkeepers. Halflings.
  • House Jorasco: Guild of healers. Halflings.
  • House Kundarak: Guild of bankers. Dwarves.
  • House Lyrandar: Guild of sailors. Half-elves.
  • House Medani: Guild of detectives. Half-elves.
  • House Orien: Guild of travelers. Humans.
  • House Phiarlan: Guild of spies. Elves.
  • House Sivis: Guild of writers. Gnomes.
  • House Tharashk: Guild of trackers. Humans and half-orcs.
  • House Thuranni: Guild of spies. Elves. Split off from House Phiarlan.
  • House Vadalis: Guild of animal tamers. Humans.

Eberron Cliff Notes

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