A ziggurat deep in the heart of Xen’Drik’s jungle. Created by giants over 40,000 years ago, it is rumored to contain lost ancient artifacts.


In a clearing about 100 feet across, the ziggurat of Ur’Nanshe stands alone. It is a towering edifice of black basalt standing roughly 60 feet high. Rows of broken pillars line the overgrown road up to the base of the ziggurat. No visible staircase leads to the summit; the steps of the ziggurat which are like walls to humans would have been a staircase themselves to the giants. The ziggurat consists of 6 stepped layers, each 10 feet high. The ziggurat is 65 feet across in each direction at the base. At the top, a wide spiral stair leads down into the darkness.


The ziggurat has stood here since the ancient age of the Giants. Modern-day clans of stone giants still claim this place as their own, though they are far removed from their more intelligent ancestors.


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