Adventure Quest

Descent into Ur'Nanshe

The adventurers traveled to the ancient Giant ruins of Ur’Nanshe, where they were searching for a docent, an ancient item that supposedly contained a great amount of knowledge about the Giant civilization.

Upon reaching the ancient ziggurat, the adventurers were attacked by a roving warband of drow bandits. During the combat, they were interrupted by a group of giants, who were apparently hunting the drow. After killing off the remaining bandits, the giants left to continue their hunt, although they warned the adventurers to not venture into the ziggurat, as it belonged to the giants. The adventurers, realizing they needed more assistance to deal with this threat, used the Sending Stone given to them by Murin to ask him to send more adventurers. They then camped out near the ziggurat to tend to their wounds and wait for help to arrive.

The next day, the adventurers awoke and were soon greeted by two newcomers to the party. A massive warforged, appropriately named Giant, and a somewhat scholarly looking Ranger, by the name of Visto. Jasper then decided the group no longer needed him, and declared that he was sick of getting stabbed in his beautiful thighs, and that he was taking his share of the gold and using it to build a dance club back in Stormreach. He then ran off into the jungle. Dogan, being the honorable dwarf that he is, decided to follow him to make sure that no harm befell him. The rest of the group, not much concerned by this loss, decided to press on.

They ventured down into the ziggurat, where they slew an Otyugh who was inhabiting the ruins. They discovered a set of hatches which despite their age were still new as if they had been made only days ago. Venturing down into these hatches, they found a maze of gigantic corridors leading to various abandoned rooms within the ziggurat. They encountered a wizard who was living inside a gigantic Bag of Holding, but who turned hostile quickly after discovered the adventurers had killed his beloved Otyugh. After attacking them in a fit of rage, the wizard vanished, and when the adventurers investigated his bag they found no sign of him except for a glowing portal leading to the Elemental Plane of Air. In other parts of the ziggurat they also found a damaged clockwork robot, strange jugs which turned out to contain elementals of various types, and an injured leopard, who apparently used a part of the ziggurat as its den. The druid managed to calm the leopard down and speak with it, and it warned them about the dangers of the ziggurat.

The adventurers then decided to rest their wounds before proceeding on to explore the rest of the ziggurat in their search for the docent.

The Story So Far

Four brave adventurers set out from the city of Stormreach, on the continent of Xen’Drik, in search of an evil lizardman cult that had been plaguing the local farmers. Deep in ancient ruins, they found the cult leader and slew her. During this adventure, they freed a prisoner by the name of Murin, who turned out to be a wizard and a formerly powerful member of House Cannith. When the players returned to Stormreach, they were soon contacted by Murin, who explained that before he was taken prisoner, he was investigating the ruins of the ancient giants, and he would like the adventurers to continue his quest for him. So the adventurers set out for the giant ziggurat called Ur’Nanshe, where a giantish artifact containing ancient wisdom was rumored to exist.


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