The Legendary Dance of Jasper the Swan King

  • Occurred on: 998 YK, Rhaan 4
  • Occurred at: Stormreach Docks


Bards sing of the legendary bard known as Jasper, and his legendary powers of dance. Legend has it that he danced his legendary dance on a legendary swan, which gracefully carried 30 passengers on its back as Jasper danced a dance that would bring tears to the eyes of the gods themselves. Those lucky few who were witness to the event claim it was like nothing they had ever seen before. In the words of Samar, Stormreach County Clerk: “Yeah, it was all right I guess. Damn, but that guy could dance.”

Rumors that Jasper then scalped his guests for money without even giving them free sandwiches or anything are still unsubstantiated.

The Legendary Dance of Jasper the Swan King

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